Six Readymade Sauces You Need to Make Pies at Home

Home-made pies can be very charming and interesting if you are into baking and cooking and it is often discovered that the secret of the perfect pies is hidden in sauces and fillings. Finally, let’s discuss that dependent from experience you have in pie baking, having proper sauces are a significant step for turning good pies into outstanding meals.

Classic Apple Pie Filling:

The technique in the preparation of the perfect apple pie is actually found on the filling – and that a high-quality readymade apple pie filling sauce is the answer. Ensure that the sauce is slightly sour and sweet at the same time, this must be prepared using fresh apples and natural ingredients. Store owners preserve them in a walk-in refrigerator to maintain their quality and flavor. Thus, depending on whether the apples are sliced thinly or cut into large pieces, a reasonable sauce should be able to withstand the heat treatment while baking, and should not turn into a soggy mess.

Rich Chocolate Ganache:

For the lovers of a little luxury, a glossy chocolate ganache sauce is a necessity in the pie lovers’ world. Ganache is easy to make and made from a good-quality chocolate and heavy cream to which any pie made from it benefits from the addition of a rich, smooth and silky chocolate topping. The main secret of the perfect ganache – the choice of chocolate – buyer need take really high cocoa chocolate to get very deep and strong taste.

Tangy Lemon Curd:

Lemon curd is a very versatile filling with a very zesty taste, which can brighten up the pies’ flavor, especially for people who enjoy citrus. Low in sugar it has a very tender mouth feel and because of its mildly acidic characteristic, it is versatile with the delicate, crispy meringue or the buttery, flaky pie crust. When selecting lemon curd sauce, choose one that has the right taste of the lemon being sharp, but with right amount of sweetness; select the one that has fresh lemon juice and lemon zest. Top it onto a baked crust or put in between layers of a sponge cake for a change in the traditional lemon pies.

Velvety Caramel Sauce:

When it comes to pies, there is no topping that can warm and enrich them as much as absolutely tasty caramel sauce. Caramel sauce prepared from butter, sugar, and cream becomes rich and obtains caramelized taste which goes well with sweet or savory filling. Caramel sauce makes everything taste delicious – simply pour it over a pecan pie, or fold into the cheesecake filling. For those needing to store pies in bulk, consider using commercial freezers to maintain the freshness of pies topped with caramel sauce.

Sweet Berry Compote:

Berry compote is a versatile sauce that adds a burst of fruity goodness to pies of all kinds. It is made from berries and is used as a sauce intended for pies with releasing fruity flavor. Prepared from fresh berries, sugar, and a little addition of citrus berries, can be prepared depend on the kind of texture desired, chunky or syrupy. It can also be used as a garnishing on cheesecakes or mixed into the filling of pies giving a contrast to the textures and flavors.

Spiced Pumpkin Puree

Ideally when baking an ordinary pumpkin pie or when incorporating pumpkin into other desserts, a good readymade pumpkin puree sauce should complement the taste of pumpkin while at the same time it should be able to balance the spices in order to bring the best of fall season. Mixed pumpkin puree with lots of butter, apply it to a pie crust and you will feel the taste of autumn in every bite or use it as a bottom layer for a multi-layered dessert.

Finally, it is suggested that it is very important to know what sauces can be used in the preparation of pies when endeavoring to perfect pie making at home. The apple pie filling is perhaps the most welcoming, the chocolate ganache – luxurious, and the lemon curd – sharp, and, therefore, each more attractive and flexible in its own way. Try some unique ideas in order to get closer to finding your unique pie format and use these ready-made sauces to encourage you.


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