Trying Kava For The First Time? Here’s What To Expect

Discovered the kava powder and want to try it for the first time to see how it tastes? Drinking kava is quite a unique experience that makes you feel calmer, emotionally and physically relaxed, less anxious, and able to sleep well, besides other benefits. However, some people who try kava without knowing the proper steps to prepare it don’t enjoy their experience and will never try it again. Our primary aim is to guide you through this journey in such a way that you will have a memorable experience with kava for the first time.

Kava Has A Distinct Yet Earthy Taste

First things first, let’s talk about taste. Picture this: a sip of a kava is like traveling through the bumpy roads of the wild. Kava Australia is earthy and spicy, and it’s an acquired taste. But fear not because we can spice things up. Whether you want to shake it up with your favorite juice or create your own custom cocktail, you can definitely find the best ways to enjoy your kava the way you prefer.

Kava Can Make Your Mouth Feel Tingly And Numb

When you start drinking the kava powder for the first time, it is quite normal to find your lips and tongue becoming numb within a few minutes. But that’s all part of the experience! This gives you an idea of how sweet it will get as the potent kavalactones prepare to rock you in a peaceful spell.

Kava is Your Ticket to Relaxation

Next, we will give you an idea of the impact of kava on relaxation. From calming down anxiety to feeling nothing but the serenity of your surroundings, kava gives you a range of the best feelings for you to feel at peace. Whether you are looking for a soothing remedy after a hard day or just need to chill with your friends, Kava is perfect for both occasions.

Variety Is the Spice of Life

Just like the variety of wildlife in Australia, kava powder has different types and varieties for you to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for something to kickstart your morning or wind down after a tough day, there’s a kava variety that’s tailor-made for your needs.

How to Brew Your Brew

Now, let’s talk prep. It doesn’t matter if you are a traditionalist who likes to get your hands dirty with medium-grind kava root or a fussy individual who prefers convenience that comes with kava concentrates, we have all you need. Literally, all you need to do is follow the super easy instructions that will guide you to a sip of liquid relaxation.

Drink Kava On An Empty Stomach And Follow It With A Chaser

This trick is what you need preferably be on an empty stomach before enjoying your brew for a most memorable kava experience. With this tactic, you will increase the absorption of mood uplifting compounds – the kavalactones. And you can even fight nausea, just go for a small tasty snack or maybe a lollipop.

The Relaxation Rollercoaster Awaits

Here’s the million-dollar question: when approximately are the relaxation effects expected to start? That actually is under your control. Leave it for 10-20 minutes, and you`ll feel that those tensions become almost as slightly chilled as popsicles in summer. Therefore, relax and get ready to relax even more.

The Long and Short of It

Nobody knows how long the impact of these feelings will last. On average, the effects of kava can last 1 to 3 hours after digesting it. Also, if you’re willing to extend the trip, just refill the mug and turn those moments into everlasting ones.

The Kava Vendors You Choose Matters

What is worthwhile to mention is that quality is an important factor in choosing to buy kava in Australia. Therefore, before you buy kava online, look around a little more to see what the best options are. Find a serious supplier with know-how and qualitative features in priority over price cuts. In the end, it is you who is trying the kava powder and thus, it is your right to only experience the highest quality.

In conclusion, you are now well prepared to go on your first kava journey! Starting with that first sip of your kava and ending with the last bit of a soothing and satisfying experience, may your journey be filled with great vibes and fun times. Cheers to that!


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